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Born in the town of Genoa, Italy I have a passion for all things nautical. When I was younger and in college, I had jobs on the water and obtained my Captains license however starting a family brought me mostly indoors where I began my career in International Transportation much like my father, Sergio Fedelini. Partnered with my father we have 75 years of experience in International Trade and Logistics.
I started out on the docks of Charleston, SC inspecting containers and learning Port Operations. After fully understanding the Terminal and Port operations, I accepted a position in the Equipment and Intermodal department for Mediterranean Shipping Company. After some time, I was promoted to the Corporate office for MSC in New York where I worked closely with Geneva headquarters better understanding global operations. The experience I gained in this position was quite amazing. I was fortunate enough to also spend some time on the Commercial side which brought me closer to the customers, as I worked to understand and solve their supply chain issues. After Mediterranean Shipping I worked with a Cotton Trader exporting cotton from the US, West Africa and South America. This position was very important as I understood the needs of the shipper vs the carrier.
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Many years later, I accepted a position for a Specialty Minerals company where I was responsible for their Global Bulk, Container, Rail, Trucking, Warehouse and Port Operations shipping close to 1 million tons per annum over multiple continents. I left this company after many years in the position of Vice President of Global Supply Chain. With this experience, I feel I am well equipped as a consultant to work with various Shippers, Carriers and 3PL’s to enhance and problem solve their supply chain in a creative and significant way. As we have seen from the global pandemic. Having a flexible and durable supply chain is a must.